run 2 amembers and 2 diff payments

Discussion in 'Payments processing' started by ccwjames, May 16, 2015.

  1. ccwjames

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    Sep 11, 2014
    im thinking to buy another amember and use it for my members to buy time for hire of server

    now i have ipn on my main membership

    how would i use a second amember account and paypal? as the domain is diff and cant have TWO ipns urls?

    or would you say use another way for payments?
  2. ccwjames

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    Sep 11, 2014
    i got a reply from PP

    This process is called dynamically setting up an IPN.

    You can specify an IPN listener for a second website. PayPal sends the IPN message to the listener specified in the notification URL for a specific button or API operation instead of the listener specified in your Profile. So you will receive IPN's from the URL specified in your account but our system will also send them automatically to whatever notification URL is set up on your website so this makes it possible to receive them from multiple sites.

    To specify a notification URL

    For a/an ...

    specify your IPN Listener's URL in the ...

    PayPal Payments Standard button

    notify_url HTML form variable

    NVP API operation

    NOTIFYURL field of the DoDirectPayment, DoExpressCheckoutPayment, or DoReferenceTransaction request

    SOAP API operation

    NotifyURL field of the DoDirectPayment, DoExpressCheckoutPayment, or DoReferenceTransaction request

    Adaptive Payments API operation

    ipnNotificationUrl field of the Pay or Preapproval request

    Note: The IPN message will always be sent to your notification URL unless receiving IPNs have been disabled. Even though you have not enabled receiving IPN messages in your Profile or you have reset your preference by turning off IPN messages, PayPal still sends IPN messages to the notification URL you specify for a specific payment. IPN messages not sent because you disabled the preference in your Profile will appear in the IPN history when you enable receiving IPNs. After they appear in the history, you can choose whether or not to resend them.

    As this is not a function of your PayPal account and is set up outside of PayPal this is the only information I can give you on the subject. You can use our developer site for hints and tips on integration and HTML but essentially you would need a trained developer in order to implement this for you.

    any help>?
  3. edward_shephard

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    Aug 22, 2014
    aMember should always send the correct IPN return details to Paypal irrespective of what is set in your paypal account. I have two installations of aMember plus an Invision Nexus shop all sending payments to the same paypal account from different domains and URLs and they all seem to play nicely together.
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