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    Sep 28, 2014
    I'm setting up a new site with 3 membership levels:
    1. Free Shopper (can purchase access to individual pages in Wordpress)
    2. Basic - Gets 2 newly-added Wordpress pages per month containing downloadable content/videos starting with the month they signup and going forward.
    3. Premium - Can access all the Monthly Content Wordpress pages past, present, and future.
    I set a category of "Memberships for these products.

    Then I have a second category "Pattern Shop" which will have 100+ products in a shopping cart format. These products will allow access to individual Wordpress pages containing downloadable content/videos and can be purchased individually by a Free Shopper Member or as add-ons by Basic or Premium Members. I want to give the Basic and Premium members a set number of free credits each month to use to purchase their choice in the Pattern Shop category. (Sort of the drip content approach, but letting members make their choice of what they want next rather than a pre-set drip.)

    I purchased the Self Service Credits add-on, but it doesn't operate like I was expecting it to. I thought the self-service credits could be applied toward payment during the shopping cart checkout, but after installing it, I see the Self Service Credits is a separate tab on the users account that just has a text list of products. My products are more graphic in nature so the shopping cart format works much better with a picture identifying the product. After purchasing the product, the member will be able to linked to a wordpress page for that product.

    Is there a way to apply self-service credits to the shopping cart checkout?

    I saw a post in the forum that mentioned rewards points being a ready-to-use feature, but I don't see any other documentation on how it works. I use a rewards points system on another shopping cart site I run and the customer applies the rewards points during checkout and that system works really well.

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