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  1. syan

    syan aMember Pro Customer

    Apr 6, 2003
    I'd like to request these features with the future updates on amembers:

    1. multiple admin accounts with restricted access. : Sometimes we have more than 1 person taking care of a site and we'd love to give our staff access with restricted access. I do not want my staff to see any sales reports / budget info. Just allow them to modify / trouble shoot user accounts

    2. Ability to execute multiple cron jobs once a sign up was done: Since we restric users access on over 12 servers the database gets sync'd using cron jobs every 20 - 30 min. Some users expect to have access on all servers right after the sign up, in this case they'd have to wait 20 - 30 min once my cronjobs kick in and update the database.

    3. Reffaral system : i think someone mentioned about this a couple months ago, is this still being implemented?

    4. newletter, so far i was never aware of amember updates and everytime i've purchased a new license for a new site and installed a new copy thats when i realized its a newer version... I do keep checking the forum but i seem to miss all the updates.

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