Reporting VAT on USD invoices

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    USD is the most recognised currency, so aMember sites with an international audience often have products and affiliate program both in USD.

    This means the aMember base currency has to be set to USD, even if the owner of the site is non-US based.

    The problem is that EU based companies need to report VAT in their VAT reporting currency (i.e. the currency of the country set as "My Country" in the VAT module) and also show these conversions on VAT invoices.

    I've raised a BugTrack improvement #1895 so the team can consider how to handle this long-term, but the BT ticket also includes a code snippet (created with Andrey's help) you can add to site.php to meet the invoice requirement meantime.

    See screenshot for example of how this snippet appears on invoices not issued in the VAT reporting currency.

    If you are an EU based VAT registered merchant, it would be useful if you would comment on the ticket to indicate this is an issue for you too, or comment below if you handle it a different way.


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