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  1. smile

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    Sep 19, 2013
    We have a problem where our videos are being downloaded by members, and then sharing them on other websites. I can appreciate this is hard/impossible to completely fix, but I've thought of a possible solution that maybe could be implemented in a future update (or, if there is something similar in existence - please let me know!)

    If we upload a video to amember called 'video1.mp4' - and this is how it's stored on the server, when someone clicks the 'download' button on the front end, then amember will randomize the download link to something like 'YGN2QMWUXDMT.mp4' instead of 'video1.mp4'. That way, if someone downloads the video, then just uploads it to somewhere else (without changing the filename) we will then be able to track the filename in amember, along with the person who downloaded it. I appreciate that the filename can be changed once downloaded, but for those lazy enough to not bother, it could help us track the offending users!

    We've started finding 100's of our videos on video sharing sites and its becoming nigh on impossible to stop it!

  2. caesar

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    Oct 16, 2009

    I am afraid random name of file does not help in this case. I suggest to check some DRM services. We can develop integration with it if necessary. Feel free to contact us in helpdesk

    Best Regards.

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