Project Architect Needed - WP/vBulletin/aMember Multiple on-line courses in one site

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    Feb 3, 2010
    I'm looking for an aMember/Wordpress/vBulletin expert who can architect and seamlessly integrate these three applications into one great user experience.

    It's a big site on a dedicated server and will offer over 20 separately purchased home study courses. A handful of the courses have already been deployed and more are coming online each week. The site uses amProtect to manage access to each course individually.

    One of the challenges is to allow customers of one course to discover and explore sample content from other courses, but only if they are looking for it.

    The site uses Thesis and all the payments go through UltraCart.

    The next step is to add in a forum/community features. I'm thinking vBulletin, but could be persuaded to go with something else based on your recommendation.

    Each group in the forum will correspond to a course. Only subscribers to the course will have access to the forum group (and sub-groups) associated with that course.

    Of course single sign-on is a must and the navigation between the course in WP and the forum must be easy and intiuitive.
    This is going to be a great project for someone and will look great in your portfolio.

    The mangament team for this company includes the inventor of Rhapsody.

    This is going to be a very high profile site!

    If you are an aMember/vBulletin/Wordpress rockstar then this is the project you should be working on :)

    Comment on this thread if you or someone you know can handle this challenge!

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