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Discussion in 'Testimonials' started by Eve, Jun 30, 2003.

  1. Eve

    Eve Guest


    I recently purchased DreamAccount and VERY displeased with the product and service.
    There is ABSOLUTELY no support there whatsoever.
    I do not want to make the same mistake twice. I have wasted alot of time trying to configure their product I am nearing a project deadline and under
    the gun. So please excuse all the presale questions but I do not want to waste anyones time...

    Here is my case:

    I basically want to set up a fan club.
    Annual membership would be:
    Fee A for US residents
    Fee B for International.

    I would also like a Gift Certificate membership option. (where someone purchases a membership as a gift)

    The protected areas would include:
    1)Full HTML Driven site
    2) PHP Invision Board (1.2rc1)

    I would like the Invision Board user database to integrate with your database. AND not have my members login twice.

    Would all this be possible.
    And would you be there for Support if I can not figure something out?

    Thanks Again.

    I dont mind paying for something as long as it can do all above, works and not too complicated. I am not a programmer or beta tester...I just want a product which will do what it says.
  2. abbeyvet

    abbeyvet New Member

    Feb 2, 2003
    I once was stuck in the Dream Account mess too, a couple of years back, it was hell on wheels so I HUGELY sympathise with you and know what you have been through. :( I did eventually get my installation working, but it took an incredible amount of time and was in spite of rather than because of their "support".

    I don't think anything that you want will be a problem. You may need some custom programming for the gift voucher thing, though I have one happily running through aMember that Alex customised for me (for a very reasonable charge) so it should not be too huge an issue.

    aMember is simply on a different planet - support wise, function wise and in every other way, from Dream Account.

    BTW - the site it is on (well, one of them anyway) also uses Invision - there is an existing Plugin for Invision - and you can sign up as a free member and see it all in action if you like:
  3. Eve

    Eve Guest


    Thanks for your help. I got a response within minutes from AMember and they made me feel very much at ease. I have placed my order and cant wait to start working on my site.

    I checked out your site and it is very nice indeed!! Easy to navigate, clean design. Very nice work.

    Thanks again!
  4. abbeyvet

    abbeyvet New Member

    Feb 2, 2003
    You are welcome and thank you!

    It's a huge relief after DA isn't it? :)
  5. pilot

    pilot New Member

    May 24, 2003
    Hi Eve,

    Bit late in the day, but I have been away!

    If you have already purchased Amemberpro you wil have noticed the BIG difference from Dream Account . IT works !

    I am a fellow sufferer from Dream Account too, waisted 6 weeks with it, boy I did try!!

    Amember runs sweetly and everything works perfectly, I use the secure .htacces, encrypted password and usernames, no ugly grey apache screens, or no authorisation screens, just a neat divert to the Amember login. Alex has thought of everything, and made it work.

    I have the phpBB2 plugin needless to say the same Amember quality programming.

    I asume you have purchased AmemberPro by now, you made the right decision!

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