PhpBB Integration has me scratching my head.

Discussion in 'Integration' started by thinkscripter, Jun 13, 2012.

  1. thinkscripter

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    Jun 3, 2012
    As I was configuring the phpBB plugin, aMember automatically checked the box to use a separate database even though it says "Usually this can remain unchecked".

    1) What is the function of this checkbox?

    So, I decided to proceed with it unboxed...

    I have a forum with 2200 members in a particular subscriber group who have already paid. I want to get them into aMember and then sync up the passwords. I thought the sync was only one way initially INTO aMember. When I rebuilt the database, aMember pulled all of my special group members out of their group and made them plain registered members....Had to do a quick emergency restore of the SQL to get things back.

    2) Is it possible to pull these special forum group members into aMember?

    I also have the box checked to silently create aMember accounts when someone already registered in the forum tries to signup with aMember. It correctly identifies a username that exists in phpBB but then does not let them register nor does it silently create anything.

    3) How is this silent creation supposed to work?


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