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    May 27, 2013
    I did a search on permissions and didn't get any results so I am asking a new question (hopefully).

    I just completed installation. Ran into a couple of bumps. First got a warning: support for PDO extension not enabled and then, after the host helped me with that, received another warning: support for PDO_mySQL not enabled. I asked the host for help again and in the course of fixing it, they took the liberty of changing permissions of several folders to 777. My question is, is this a security problem? I know in the install instructions, it says try 707, 770, and then 777 until it works but I never got a chance to work through this particular problem myself and try the various permissions.

    These are the files that were changed:

    └─(/)─(26 files, 88Kb)─> chmod 755 /home/airforce/public_html/amember/data/

    └─(/)─(26 files, 88Kb)─> chmod 777 /home/airforce/public_html/amember/data/

    └─(/)─(26 files, 88Kb)─> chmod 777 /home/airforce/public_html/amember/data/cache

    └─(/)─(26 files, 88Kb)─> chmod 777 /home/airforce/public_html/amember/data/new-rewrite

    └─(/)─(26 files, 88Kb)─> chmod 777 /home/airforce/public_html/amember/data/public

    Thanks for your help.

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