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    I recently decided to make some changes to my web site, which included the addition of a paid membership area. Having virtually no experience in this area I decided to conduct a few online searches to see what information and software packages were available online. I ended up visiting about half a dozen sites, which offered subscription software.

    Frankly, each site varied a bit, some offered information about the software, but nothing about the installation. Others offered feature information, and support via their forum once you purchased the software. In my position, with virtually no knowledge of subscription software and very little experience with installing scripts I required some handholding. I sent emails to a few of these software companies, with questions about the software and installation. I'm still waiting on a reply from two out of three companies I wrote to a month ago. Needless to say, I eliminated them from my list long ago.

    During this process I read about Amember and visited this site. I was impressed with the program features, online installation manuals and open forums, where I could review information about the product, and other purchasers' remarks before I spent a dime. The program was comparable in price to some I previously looked at, and a little more expensive than others, however accessibility to help and the information and feedback on the site prompted me to seriously consider purchasing amember.

    Having just moved to a new web host, I wasn't sure we could meet the requirements for Amember. Around this time the new Microsoft IE patch had been released, which limited the installation methods available to me. I was not interested in the pop up box login box method and I wanted to be able to utilize the IP tracking for password misuse. I contacted Alex and explained what I was trying to accomplish.

    During the next week, he installed a test account on my host server to test the various protection methods that were available to me. He patiently answered all of my questions, and when we discovered that the protection method that I needed appeared to be unavailable through my host, he helped resolve those issues. We easily exchanged two dozen emails during that first week, and he replied patiently and promptly to each one, all before I spent a dime on his software. In my opinion that is the ultimate definition of customer service.

    I purchased the software a few days later and Alex installed it on my host server, set up my plugin for me, and reworked the header and footer files to help personalize my pages. In addition he put together a work around for me so that my search engine could access and index pages in the membership area. He has continued to patiently and promptly answer my questions and help me as I work with the program and make additional changes to personalize my emails. Amember has been up and running on the site for about two weeks. The program has automatically processed almost 90 membership subscriptions during this time, without any glitches. If you're thinking about purchasing a subscription software product there's no reason to look any further. This product provides essentially ever feature you'll need, and the customer support provided by Alex is exemplary.


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