Ok, I've got my cc out and am about to buy Amember just one last Q....

Discussion in 'Pre-Sales Questions' started by Frustrated, May 7, 2005.

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    First of all congrats on Amember because it is great software. I want to buy it and just need to understand a bit more about the intregation plugins and what I can achieve with it before I go ahead...

    I'm running a Mambo site and a phpBB forum. I want to do this....

    Completely remove registrations from within Mambo and phpBB and have all registration handled by Amember instead so users get a single sign-on and one registration form. So when a user registers their sign-in will work with Mambo and phpBB automatically.

    I want to allow some pages within Mambo to be free to everyone and others to be registered users only (this shouldn't be too hard as Mambo has inbuilt support for this).

    I want Amember to automatically activate accounts after payment, set an expiry date on the account and de-activate accounts when they become due. So that the three systems are managed with the one account.

    I plan to install all 3 systems in the one MySQL db

    Is this possible and if not which bits are possible and which are not right now.


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