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Discussion in 'Integration' started by ultimatedesigner, Apr 21, 2016.

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    Oct 13, 2010
    I currently have a product page for my paid products where a user would enter their info and make payment. I want to set up my site so when a new person visits the site (so someone not signed in) will get a pop-up asking them to enter their email address to receive our free newsletter.

    I want them to only enter an email address and hit submit, then be done.

    Can this be done? I want to make this as simple as possible so I can capture an email addy to market our products to them (I use MailGun if that matters). I don't want them to have to create a whole account with password, etc.

    If it is possible, how would these users appear in aMember? Would I need to create a new product (maybe "Newsletter") that they would be assigned to? Or would they just show as Pending?

    Thanks very much for any help!

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