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    Sep 11, 2014
    A have a custom script on my site that uses 1 php file to make a code for user and some code in the site.php and outputted to 2 txt files.

    user buys a membership and is taken back to site and under a custom thank you page, is able to make a code/serial for their membership.

    On screen is their code and this then outputs to 1 txt file in the format i need and also into another with product and invoice number. If the user then trys to cheat the systerm the txt file is checked for p/i and a error on screen tells them already made a code or not brought a code.

    Now the txt file that i used for allowing codes makes the exipry time from When the code was made and not the transaction date/time.
    the format is makes is

    { enddate=2016-10-04 1923 }
    date and time

    now on my monthly memberships, i have to go in and change the month myself, so above when a user pays a month i would have to change -10- to -11-, the other parts would not change. The user name and password is always left as how it was made. So never any maintenance from the end user.

    My new coder im using would like to take this out of my hands , which of course saves me time having to get to a pc, login/ftp and change the date.

    Now i`m guessing that in the mysql is someway to call or push that a user has paid. What is the best ideas from people on here to do my needs? My thinking was this and of course could be wrong:
    1. Make some sort of user.xml that will be updated and be able to somehow do month +1 in code.
    2. The users code MUST never be changed or each month they have to use new codes which of course would be a drop in sales and people would say "not changing that each month"
    3. some how in txt/xml a cronjob to read file every min for code changes ?

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