New Plugin Lets You Design a "Smart" Upsell Offer Funnel and Give Prospects Exactly W

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    Nov 13, 2008
    If you'd like to be able to peek inside your customers' brains... discover exactly what interests them... and then offer them exactly what they want, I promise you'll want to read every single word.

    Because I've developed a new Amember plugin called "amInterests" that allows you to design a "smart" upsell offer funnel and give your prospects exactly what they want -- without ever having to pick up a phone or talk to them!

    Better still, the process is completely automated, and it generates more sales from every new customer that comes in your "door," which of course increases your revenue and profits.

    Here's how it works...

    • amInterests allows you to ask a question -- or series of questions -- at the beginning of the signup process. You can then offer relevant upsells based on how your new customers respond. (If you'd rather not make an offer, you could simply present relevant information based on the answers.)
    • If you are marketing business to business, and you have multiple products available, you might ask, "Are you more interested in growing your business or implementing systems to free up your time?" Based on the answer, you could make a relevant offer or present specific information. (This question-and-targeting method can be used in any business.)
    • The placement of the question is included naturally in the signup process using amInterests. See the screen shot below for an example.


    Just add a simple question (or questions) to the signup process, then provide a relevant offer or information based on the answers.

    The screen shot above is from a membership site that teaches people how to write effective sales copy. But there are two distinct groups of people who want to learn how to write copy that sells: business owners and freelance copywriters.

    By asking the prospect to identify himself, the owner of the site can now make an offer relevant to who that person is. For instance, you might offer business owners a copy critique and offer freelance copywriters an information product about getting more clients.

    Let's Look at Another Potential Scenario...

    Imagine for a moment that you run a membership site for dog lovers. And also imagine that you have information tailored to owners of different breeds. You could ask a simple question to tailor your sales message instead of the offer itself.

    What breed of dog do you own?
    • Golden retreiver
    • Labrador
    • Poodle
    • Shih Tzu
    • Pug
    • Boxer
    • Doberman Pincher
    • German Shepherd
    • Bichon Frise
    • Terrier
    • Basset Hound
    • French Mastiff

    Based on how your prospect answers this question, you can present a sales message customized to that individual person. In all cases, you might be selling the same product: a membership to your site.
    But -- you can now customize the sales message to persuade a higher percentage of your prospects to become members.

    Now Let's Go Even Further...

    amInterests is not limited to "one question, one offer." You can actually build out an entire upsell offer funnel based on how your new customer answers a series of questions. Take a look:


    This chart shows how you can build an entire offer funnel with amInterests.

    As you can see, what makes amInterests so powerful is the ability to customize your offers to a person's interests. This alone will cause your conversion rates to spike.
    You can ask an unlimited number of questions during the signup process, and you can have as many answers to each question as you want with only one answer allowed, or even multiple answers allowed. (Although the more possible answers you have, the more complex your offer funnel becomes. So it's good to strike a balance.)

    Don't Have Enough Products? Then Offer Affiliates Products Instead!

    If you don't have any products to upsell... or you only have one product to upsell, and you want to have more upsells in your offer funnel... then consider using amInterests to sell affiliate products.

    You can still ask questions during signup and then push your customers through your affiliate link to products that match their interests.

    One client I have is doing just this. We built his entire offer funnel using amInterests, and every upsell is to an affiliate product.

    You could actually use this technique even without an initial product to sell. You could offer a free membership to your site, then have upsells included during signup!

    In the right hands, this new plugin is like having the ability to...

    Eavesdrop on Your Prospect's Most Intimate Thoughts.

    Indeed, it's market intelligence of the most valuable kind! Because once you know what your customers want, selling them more stuff will be like shooting fish in a barrel.

    One of the questions I've been getting is this: "How is amInterests different than the amStrategy plugin?"

    The biggest difference is that amInterests is used at the beginning of the signup process while amStrategy comes into play at the very end of a purchase.

    While amInterests allows you to ask a series of questions to better target your upsell offers, amStrategy allows you to ask a more in-depth series of questions -- post-purchase -- so you can follow up with a phone call.

    The purpose of this follow-up phone call is usually to see if the new customer is a good fit for your higher-priced programs and services... those that are too expensive to sell on a web site.

    Most online buyers have a threshold of what they will spend without talking to somebody first. This threshold is usually around $3,000. If the price is higher than that, it's good to get on the phone to answer questions, objections, etc.

    This is where amStrategy can be a big help to you because you can ask a number of qualifying questions and get the answers before you get on the phone.
    Design a "Smart" Upsell Offer Funnel

    If all you ever use is amOffers to upsell your customers, you'll be far ahead of the competition since most online entrepreneurs don't ever get beyond the first sale.

    But the advantage of amInterests is that it allows you to design a "smart" upsell offer funnel... one that fits a customer's interests. By using amInterests to gather intelligence first, you get to make even more sales during the upsell process.

    The cost of amInterests will be $249. But for a limited time, you can get it for just $62.25. Please use the special link below to get your copy of amInterests for just $62.25. (This offer may be removed at any time.)


    Ken Gary

    P.S. When I first designed the amOffers plugin, I was really excited because I knew that it could totally transform a person's business. But I'm even MORE excited about amInterests. And that's sayin' somethin'!

    P.P.S. I made a video that shows how amInterests works and how to install it. That is included in your purchase price!
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    Aug 22, 2006
    @Ken: As always, great job.

    What happens to the product that the user is in process of purchasing as a part of their initial signup before being redirected to the special offer? Is this abandoned in lieu of the special offer?

    Have you experimented with aggregating multiple products as a part of the offer and payment?


    1) user buying "product a" goes to registration
    2) answers question
    3) based on question answer are presented with an offer to also buy "product b" at a discounted rate
    4) user says yes and is redirected to confirmation and payment screen with "product a" & "product b" along with total and ability to remove "product b" (ie. remove from cart style functionality)
  3. kengary

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    Nov 13, 2008
    What you are describing sounds more like an upsell of your own products based on what they are purchasing now, which is handled better by the amOffers plugin.

    When I was creating amOffers I did experiment with aggregating the purchases and presenting them at the end but I abandoned that because of the shopping cart abandonment issues when the customer saw the final total for everything. It works better in my experience to capture the payment for the original product, then make the next offer and capture the payment for that, etc.

    amInterests finishes the original purchase before making the offers too. It is not abandoned in lieu of the special offer.

    The difference between amOffers and amInterests is that amOffers only lets you offer your own products. It makes sure it does not offer something they have already purchased or are not eligible for, based on the rules you set up in aMember (just like the Add/Renew section on the member page works).

    amInterests does not care what you offer...or even if it is an offer. It just presents the screen with your sales copy and an optional button that goes to a link you specify based on their answer. What you put on that screen is up to you. That's what makes it perfect for affiliate offers on other people's web sites. If you do choose to link it back to a product on your own web site in aMember, it is not going to do the same checking that amOffers does to prevent you offering something to someone that already purchased it or is not eligible for it.

    But going back to your original example, that could definitely all be done by intercepting the normal aMember checkout process and inserting a few screens of logic between the signup/member pages and the payment page. I haven't done it in my plugins however.
  4. kengary

    kengary aMember Pro Customer

    Nov 13, 2008
    I've been talking with other users of this plugin and I can see an upgrade in the future where I make it work like my amOffers plugin where you can specify your own aMember products directly if you want and it will screen the products to see if they are already owned and skip the offer screen if they do. Not sure when, but it will happen.

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