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Discussion in 'Customization & add-ons' started by abraham, Jun 16, 2004.

  1. abraham

    abraham Guest

    Dear all,

    Just bought aMember and currently configuring it with 2checkout, have a couple of question though.

    How do I remove the "Powered by aMember Pro subscription script" links from the bottom of pages?

    When I click the "Continue" button in Signup page and before 2checkout's order form shows up I get a message box saying:

    "This page contains both secure and nonsecure items. Do you want to display the nonsecure items?"

    How do I get rid of this message box?

    By the way Alex, is it difficult to add a quantity box where the buyer can enter the number of licenses he wants to buy? and then pass this parameter to 2checkout? I noticed that your own order page doesn't have this feature either, because I needed multiple licenses.
    I also noticed that you use SWReg as your payment processor. Is there any advantage in using SWReg over for instance 2checkout? Do you have an SWReg plugin?

    Thanks, Abraham
  2. sdhunter

    sdhunter Guest


    I found the same thing about the 'powered by amember' thing annoying too.

    But its simply just in the template files. All you need to do is edit the html pages in the template folder (delete the powered by amember line) and ftp them up to your server.
  3. abraham

    abraham Guest

    Thanks for the reply sdhunter.

    However because of the other problem (lack of ability to purchase multiple licenses) I can't put aMember in use as I will lose sales.

    I think aMember has lots of potentials which are missing in similar software, like user import/export. Strangely most of them assume that you have no customer base and intending to use their script forever, hence no import/export feature.

  4. sdhunter

    sdhunter Guest

    The reason that you are getting the message about 'secure & nonsecure' when you click the 2checkout link is normally because the 2checkout page will be on their secure server, but if there are elements that are unsecure ie on your page (possible frames page or gfx?) IE will report it to the user as the security is not fully there.

    You would need to put your unsecure items on a secure server to get rid of this message or let the page load on its own, then it will be fully secure.

    Send the url of you site over and i will take a look if you like...
  5. sdhunter

    sdhunter Guest

    Sorry to keep replying seperately...

    Why not setup more products.

    1 x the product
    2 x the product (multi)
    5 x .... as above (multi)
    10 x .... as above (multi)

    And just manually double, etc the price?
  6. abraham

    abraham Guest

    Yes, when I removed the header and footer it stoped. But the problem is that 2Checkout takes the header and footer from your server. At least I couldn't find a way to upload images, header etc. to 2Checkout server. This effectively leaves me with an uncustomized order form.

    For a site with about 3-4 products it would be acceptable.
  7. alex

    alex Administrator Staff Member

    Jan 24, 2004
    I believe, it is 2Checkout trouble, but it has no relation with aMember at all, right?

    Yes, it is serious trouble of aMember. Unfortunately, there is no quick-fix.

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