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    Alex and aMemberafficianados,

    I have an application where students will register with the site and/or enroll in classes from the signup page. A student could visit the signup page and register only or register and enroll into classes.

    When I list the "Site Registration" product along with the other classes using checkboxes I cannot be guaranteed that a student enrolling in a class would also check the "Site Registration" box. In my applicaiton I need them to be enrolled into Site Registration at signup.

    Question is, how can I make it so that every person that signs up is automatically enrolled into site registration. Better yet the Site Registration choice is not even shown.

    For example to Register with the site you would go to the aMember signup page and just fill in the registration and not choose any classes and be automatically enrolled in "Site Registration". If they used aMember signup and chose classes, they would be enrolled into them and automatically subscribed to "Site Registration".

    I think there is a way to hard code this on the signup_multi.html page but I am not sure how to do it, or if that is event the best approach,

    Thank you in advance for your help!


    Update, I read up on "hidden" fields and was able to do this.

    I looked at the source code of signup.html while it was listing the field I wanted to include on every signup. I copied the input tag and pasted it into signup.html after the opening form tag but before the code that listed out the product list. I changed its type to "hidden". I then set this product's "Scope" to disabled so it would not list.

    Now everybody that completes signup is automatically subscribed to "Site Registration".

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