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    Jul 19, 2006
    We're starting a business for online training via flash videos. I need to offer subscriptions for one year.

    Here's my situation:
    I will have 15 training videos at 1 hour each. I need to be able to track when the members clicked on a page(video will be embedded in the page) and store that they actually have clicked on it. Once all 15 videos have been clicked on, a link will magically appear that takes them to another page (a survey). Once that survey is filled out, they will be taken to a certificate of completion page with their name embedded in the page. Once their subscription has expired after the year, they can renew, but all 15 links must be clicked on again before they can see that years certificate (

    My budget is kinda small, but truthfully a good programmer should be able to get this done rather quickly. The normal person I use isn't available for this, so I'm asking if anyone in the forums here will be able to do this, and what price would they charge.

    Please e-mail me at AND

    Thanks again!

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