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    May 17, 2009

    I'd like to do this right the first time! Hence my question.

    We have a number of domains on one hosting account - and our main business domain is NOT the root domain used to initially subscribe to hostgator. Our additional domains are add-on domains in our shared hosting account on HostGator.

    We plan to have a number of individual courses and a membership site managed by aMember (sequential content delivery for paid customers on the courses, and a standard membership site). We will be managing each course and the membership site as independent 'products' with unique passwords, etc.

    If A is the root domain (not our main site), and B is our main site, but is an add-on domain - where should we install our aMember application so that it can manage all of our membership products with one installation?

    We'd love to have separate URLs/domain names for each product. In reading the FAQ, it sounds like we can do that with one aMember installation - maybe by pointing the product domain names to the main amember installation site? I didn't really understand how to use the rewrite of the htaccess file as explained...

    OK - hopefully this isn't too confusing a question! Thanks for the advice.


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