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    Oct 21, 2013
    I'm trying to scope out what our club needs for maintaining our membership list(s). Currently, we use an Access database but, of course, it needs to be manually maintained (nightmare). Anyway, my questions would be:
    1. Can we have two sorts of members - that is one of our types the fees are taken directly from their pay (fortnight deductions) and a Pay In Advance (PIA) yearly option using PayPal?
    2. For the PIA types, would aMember notify 'us' when a member does or doesn't renew?
    3. Can there be "sub-membership" - that is a member of a sub group (again that has fortnightly deductions and PIA)?
    4. In the program, I noticed an "email members" section. How does this work with email limits imposed by hosts etc (to prevent spam)?
    5. Can I import the list from the Access db into aMember? How would this work for the different types of membership?
    Sorry, that's quite a list, and there'll probably be more questions :)

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