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Discussion in 'Pre-Sales Questions' started by gigaenvy, Oct 19, 2004.

  1. gigaenvy

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    Oct 19, 2004
    Hi folks and Alex,

    Before I begin, I did some extensive searches and read through many different payment billing services that were listed and spoken about in the forums here. This is a confusing area for someone who has not done this before given the myriad of options, individual requirements, backend application support, and fly-by-night payment services. I am thoroughly confused at this point in what will be a good, safe, and cost-effective starting point in payment services for our start-up venture.

    Description: We are going online soon with a VBulletin 3.0.3 subscription based service - PG-13 / Mature. With regards to subscription and payment systems, we expect an international audience. Since this is a start-up venture and by no means will allow us to retire or quite our day jobs in the foreseeable future, I am seeking some advice and answers to a credit card payment service.

    Here are some requests or requirements, beginning with a question (more important are items 2 - 7):

    1) Is Pay-me-now.com a replacement for Amember Pro? This is what they say, "Pay-Me-Now.com Membership system automates the entire process of selling login/password accounts for members-only web sites. Want to add restricted access to your site, but worried about the work involved in adding members to the database, billing active members, deleting cancelled members, etc.? Let Pay-Me-Now.com do it for you!"

    Even though Amember Pro supports Pay-me-now, what is Amember Pro really doing if I decide to just go with Pay-me-now?

    If I will have problems with VBulletin, then I rather stick with a solution such as Amember Pro and it's support services.

    2) We need recurring billing for specified periods after expiration - ie 3 months, 6 months, and every 12 months.

    3) Any suggestions for a service where we DO NOT need an SSL Certificate?

    4) With regards to digital certificates, any suggestions to going with my web hosts version (Lunarpages) versus other brand name certificate provider (Verisign or Thawte, etc.)? I've seen a couple for $99 like DigiCert and from my web host @ $69 / year.

    5) Transaction, money and fees for a payment service is a big concern. For someone starting out, we're looking for those payment service providers that have very attractive fees, percentage rates, etc.

    6) Since we anticipate an audience from around the world, we need a service that accepts payments using the widest scope of credit cards and options. This will be entirely be an Internet based service so no phone orders are accepted.

    .......PayPal will also be supported in our payment option as well - no brainer.

    7) IPN would be nice - keep this in mind.

    I thank all of you who read my post!

    Thank you,

    aka Tom :)
  2. alex

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    Jan 24, 2004
    1. it only implements small bit of aMember features. for example, it will be
    htpasswd login method for members, with dummy popup login box.
    aMember supports PAYMENT FUNCTIONS of pay-me-now, so you can use them to
    accept payments (as 50+ other payment modules).

    2. it is possible
    3. paypal.com, 2checkout.com
    4. currently all certificates are ALMOST the same and only price differes.
    have a look here:

    5. for start, paypal and 2checkout are THE BEST.
    7. 2checkout doesn't have ability to automatically handle recurring billing
    cancellation and failures - you will have to handle it manually. it is
    important to know.

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