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Discussion in 'Templates customization' started by dawndevlin, Aug 10, 2003.

  1. dawndevlin

    dawndevlin Guest

    Okay.. *deep breath*

    I took the login.php info and copied it and put it into my site layout, uploading it as http://miss-dawn.com/login.htm and when you try to log in, it says Page Cannot be Found.

    I also had the same problem with signup.php when I put it to signup.htm in my site, in my layout, itwill let you fill out the first page and when you go to continue it says that the page cannot be displaye.d

    However when you go to member.php And it says you're logged in(when you go through http://miss-dawn.com/amember/login.php) there is no redirect to the members area... And when I GO to my members area. http://miss-dawn.com/members, and enter the login info, it rejects me. What's going on?
  2. neo

    neo Guest

    Do you have this setting correct?

    Root URL
    root script URL, usually http://example.com/amember

    Make sure it's pointing at the root directory for your amember files.

    I have not tried moving the files out of the root dir or below for amember.
  3. dawndevlin

    dawndevlin Guest

    do you mean is there a folder created specifically for amember? if so, yes.
  4. esm

    esm Guest

    your problem has to do with paths.

    did you mean to write http://miss-dawn.com/login.htm or http://miss-dawn.com/login.php? becasue you started out with login.php. Big difference between the login.php and the login.html

    at any rate, let's say you have a login page with something like <a href="signup.php">Signup here</a> somewhere in it. When you click on the link, your browser will look for a file called signup.php in the same directrory as login page.

    If you want it to use the signup page in the amember folder, you could hard code it with an absolute reference <a href="http://www.miss-dawn.com/amember/signup.php">Signup here</a>
    or a relative reference like <a href="/amember/signup.php">Signup here</a>

    but in all honesty you probably don't need a separate login page in your root directory.

    anytime you want to put a link for some one to click on to login, just put <a href="http://www.miss-dawn.com/amember/login.php">Login Here</a> anywhere and you should be fine.
  5. dawndevlin

    dawndevlin Guest

    So you mean I can't edit the login page to customize it to how I want it to look? Because I was trying to fit the login page into my layout.. I really am NEW with PHP so I didn't know you couldn't change the extensions, my bad..

    Um, also... When I go to http://miss-dawn.com/amember/login.php it logs me in to the member.php page, but I was also having trouble figuring out how you get to the members page from there.

    And when the box pops up for the password, it won't let users in that way.. but they can get in through the login page. :S
  6. esm

    esm Guest

    you can edit all the files in the template folder including the login.html and signup.html files. Especially the header/footer html files.

    yep, I just started with PHP ( stuff in between <?php and ?> ) in May. i think most php files are "computer programs" with not too much html stuff. and most html files don't have much PHP ( but AMP uses "smarty" templates which introduces "programming" back into html files ).

    there is another thread just yesterday on a "quick login" so read that for help there.

    <a href="http://www. miss-dawn.com/amember/">Login</a> should take you to a screen where the surfer can either log in or puchase a membership. I included a short menu in my AMP header file that has a link to my public area but mine is different than most so yours may be different. I put the <a href="http://www. miss-dawn.com/amember/">Login</a> in my main menu of my site.

    login to your members area here at AMP and look at that page and how it is set up. AMP has a members area and a "free" area. Check out you move between them. Actually, AMP has no link in the free area to the members area. I put one in my free area but that is up to you.
  7. dawndevlin

    dawndevlin Guest

    Ok thanks I'll check it out.

    But say that I really don't care about customizing the login and sign up stuff...

    When I direct my members to login at login.php and they login and the screen member.php comes up.. How do I get my members to view the members area? Seeing as member.php does not redirect to the members area.. And w hen you go to the members area, and the login box pops up via IE and you enter the UN and pass, it refuses it..
  8. alex-adm

    alex-adm Guest

    1. It is not template-related question, isn't it? :))
    2. Contact us with details: aMember CP login, FTP info and we need all info to be able to test it.

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