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    Nov 5, 2010

    I have been a lurker here for years, but I think I finally need to get going with amember.

    I'm currently run a site on leadcapturepagesystem. I want to move away from it.

    This is how my system works. I have 2 option the users can use to make money. I created 2 variables for these options. VAR1 and VAR2. When Jane doe signs up thru my link samplesite.com/me I get credited with thier signups and when they signup for these 2 affiliateprograms, I will get paid for them signing up.

    So basically, each user will have their own VARs ID to get credited when someone signup. So if i add a new affiliate program in my system, it will be VAR3. Jane Doe link will be for example samplesite.com/jane - this links have all the other affiliate stuff embedded in it. This will pull from her account settings for VAR1, 2 and 3. So if the new user signs up for affiliate 1, Jane will get credited.

    My goal is to give user these access.
    Access to capture (affiliate) pages to promote these external affiliate programs. They will not be able to edit the capture pages. unless they upgrade to the pro account. But I will do that after I get the free access sorted.

    The next piece is email. This system will be setup with some sort of email series

    I would love to have my own custom autoresponder using some service like sendgrid.com, instead of aweber. The reason for this idea is to give the user ability to see who signup thru their link and and see where they are in the email sequence etc. If i use sendgrid.com, the users don't have to pay for aweber. If they want to choose the option to integrate aweber, they can choose that.

    But we all know starting out online especially when you are broke, an extra $19 month is what you don't want to spend.

    Also, when the pro program is ready, there will be an affiliate program.

    I just need to know if all this is possible.

    Thanks for your feedback...

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