It is possible to disable user affiliate relation?

Discussion in 'Troubleshooting' started by ratakan, Sep 9, 2014.

  1. ratakan

    ratakan New Member

    Feb 15, 2014

    I need to remove or disable the affiliate relation feature that locked user to initial affiliate.

    I need to setup affiliate just from browser cookies eg: last cookies win just like JVZoo or ClickBank cookies and not to locked and assign the affiliate for lifetime. Also it's looks like if user has been registered to the site without affiliate, it will be lifetime cannot assigned to others affiliate anymore. Is this correct?

    What I want is even user has been registered and in the futures user purchase products from other affiliate referal, the current affiliate that refer the user can get commissions.


    1. User A bought product X from affiliate link B, affiliate B get commission.
    2. User A bought product Y from affiliate link C, affiliate C get commission.
    3. User A bought product Z from affiliate link D, affiliate D get commission.


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