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    Sep 11, 2014
    I requested this in the bug/request area for the next update and have had no reply.
    I used a media server that puts a flag next to someones ip so i can see where they are from from a csv file and can keep a eye in if they claim are in one county and i can see are not.



    WE all need a better way to multi block know ips & emails . This is to stop spam join ups, counties that want to try and buy something and then do charge backs ect. Many sites and board let you upload a xml file and will auto block the user from trying to join. I would like to go one step ahead and have them in a httacess file as a deny from.

    Is there a way to do what i do and have a flag next to the join/sign ip?

    Mine looks like this
    screenshot 2015-07-18 12-20-03.png

    think would look great on the admin dashboard :)

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