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  1. esm

    esm Guest

    I think I have made a mistake and purchased a competing product because I needed to integrate the software with vBulletin. well, they get an A for whoever wrote the advertising!

    I am now looking for payment processing software ( using recurring paypal subscription ) that I can modify to create the users in vBulletin and to control their access to vB based upon current payment status. If their subscription gets suspended ( by user cabcellation or by the re-billing that fails ), I need to suspend them from vBulletin thru the software.

    Has this been done? How easy is it to do?

    Also, is email verification for the registration of new users supported?
  2. alex-adm

    alex-adm Guest

    aMember is exactly what you need - and entire solution will cost you $139.95 (free installation included).

    Email verification is not supported directly, but it is easy to do. Using aMember pro settings, you may enable
    password generation for customers, so they don't know password during registration. They will receive password
    in signup email, so email address will be automatically verified.

    I don't think it is good idea to make signup hard by addiing verification, etc - peoples are so lazy and some peoples
    may just leave your site without signup.
  3. intrud0r

    intrud0r Guest

    May I ask why you chose to have the password emailed to them rather them emailing them a activation URL like most scripts on major sites?
  4. alex-adm

    alex-adm Guest

    This feature can be implemented, but I believe such security is necessary for PayPal, CIA and FBI sites, I have no idea why someone else should need such level of security ;)
    But as I said, it is not problem to impement it. I don't want to make things if it is just latest fashion, I want to have clean reason for it.
  5. intrud0r

    intrud0r Guest

    Here's an idea! Implement "Security Levels" and have like three. Have each on a different level of security starting from basic, intermediate, and then high for those who may see reasons for it, like myself. Thanks! Let me know if this will be done!
  6. alex-adm

    alex-adm Guest

    thank you for suggestion, I will implement this in next versions.
  7. reb1rth

    reb1rth Guest

    how difficult is implenting aMember to an existing vBulletin membership base?

    i have several membership based pay sites and well . . membership tracking is a mess at best . .

    i have to go into my processor's site to get terms and then check my email for sent keys and verify in the database that they are in fact a VIP member . . . quite the pain in the butt . . .

    aMember sounds like a solution to me but is it viable for an existing membership site?
  8. alex-adm

    alex-adm Guest

    It is not a problem to use aMember with existing members base, but which payment processor do you use?
    With recurring processor, there can be some problems, so you will have to track old members manually.
  9. reb1rth

    reb1rth Guest

    well currently its evo cash . . but credit card processing is pretty much useless as it costs a small fortune to fund an evo account via credit card . . . . so we will be just opening our own merchant account with our bank . .

    is there a way to at least convert members from a specified vB user group (ie vip members) to aMember members? or do you have to have them all enter their info into aMember individually?

    if its no trouble, could you outline the steps to impliment aMember into our process?
  10. alex-adm

    alex-adm Guest

    STEP 1. Export users list for specified group in vB in the following form:
    to text file.
    We can do it with custom script or use vBulletin built-in export functions (if it is exists).

    STEP 2. Import users from the text file to aMember, using aMember CP -> Import function.
    You can add expiration date to the text file from some other source, or just set it to fixed value
    for all your current members - it is your choice and we can discuss it in details by email.

    It's all! All your members will be added to aMember database.
  11. reb1rth

    reb1rth Guest

    sounds good . . . . we will be in touch :)

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