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Discussion in 'Integration' started by chris_nerat, Sep 24, 2015.

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    Sep 21, 2015
    Prior to switching to aMember Pro my site was being manage by Paid Memberships Pro. After switching from Paid Memberships Pro to aMember Pro I need someone to help fix the following items, and I am willing to hire an expert to help with this if there are any available. I need this done by Saturday, September 26th.

    1. I need the "daily lessons" CPT to be visible in the wordpress list of pages so I can add protection to it via aMember

    2. I have Stripe configured in aMember but it is telling me a need a "crons job" setup. I looked into it but it looked a bit tricky so I didn't want to mess with it.

    3. I need the secondary nav menu -- the one previously protected by PMPro and viewable only to subscribers of my challenge, to now be viewable to users assigned to the same level "product" in aMember. For some reason my secondary menu is not showing up when a user with the correct privileges is logged in via aMember. In PMPro they had a plugin installed to "swap" menus based on user level, so I suppose something similar may be needed with aMember?

    4. I want the aMember login widget, currently displayed as a "form box" in the primary right side bar to be relocated to the right side of the main nav menu as just two text links, i.e. "login" and "My Account" -- doing away with the side bar widget if possible.

    5. I will also need help setting up the "subusers" plugin, which basically does the same thing the PMPro Sponsored Accounts did -- allows a user to be assigned a "parent" account and have multiple "child" accounts under it.

    6. I am hosting my videos on Amazon S3 and using the installed "flowplayer" but I keep getting an error message "error loading resource" it plays fine if set to public view but it needs to be private.

    Thank you

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