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    As far as I know there is no documentation for this, so I'll post what I've learned so far and hope for help filling in the gaps.

    Basic Arpreach integration
    Assuming both scripts are installed and running and you have the Arpreach add-on installed in Amember:
    • In Amember visit Setup/Configuration > Arpreach
    • In the Arpreach URL field enter the URL of your Arpreach admin, which ends in a.php; then add /sub/ on the end. Eg
    • No need to change the 'alternative email' field
    • 'Pass additional fields' dropdown: select any Amember information you want to include in Arpreach emails. Note 'login' = username, and the password is only available if you have the plain text password hack.
    To make those additional fields available in Arpreach
    • visit content > custom fields > create new
    • for the 'tag' field copy the 'additional fields' as they showed up in Amember
    Setting up an autoresponder for a product

    In Arpreach:
    • Autoresponder, create new. Allow subscription by form (checked by default) and set status to 'live'
    • Autoresponder actions - subscription form, create a form for this autoresponder (under the 'I want to...' menu, top right)
    • In the 'content' tab for form setup, click 'fields' and scroll down to see your custom fields.
    • Check the box in the LH column for those you want to be able to use in this autoresponder's messages
    • Do not check any other boxes - don't make the fields mandatory, don't capitalise them!
    • Remember to go back to the top of the page to save the form!
    • Subscription forms > choose action > get form code
    • Look at the top of the code for the form action url; copy everything after a.php/sub/ (it will be something like 3/tm4nxc)
    • Write your autoresponder messages, using {CUSTOM_fieldname} to include your custom tags (eg {CUSTOM_login} for the Amember username).
    To link this autoresponder to an Amember product:
    • Protect content > newsletters > new record
    • Choose 'Arpreach' plugin
    • For 'plugin list id' enter the part of the form action url you just copied
    • Pick your product, make it auto-add, etc.

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