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    Sep 22, 2006
    I have one site selling membership downloads and lifetime downloads. The site uses Joomla CMS with vbullatin for forums. I intend to use aMember for my payment system, therefore I need you clarify some points before making decision. I am testing with aMember Free Trial.

    1. My system supports both free and paid users. To allow users free register, I create a product with price 0 and duration LIFETIME. When users sign up, could be they automatically registered the free package? With the free package, they can access the free stuff when their memberships expire, (without this free package, users' accounts will be block in joomla when their memberships expire).

    2. When administrator alter a transaction or manually add a payment, does aMember call any custom method which I could customize the code (such as update_payments, but it does not call this function currently.).

    3. How aMember proccess payment transactions which their status are pending? (Ex: when a user pays through paypal using echeck, the transaction need 3-4 days to complete. Paypal will notify with payment status is pending). Which email will be sent to user in this case?

    4. What does aMember do when a user membership expired? Does it call any custom function which I could add customized code?

    5. Before a membership expire some days (ex: 7 days), does aMember send any notification to the user?

    6. All code in pro version are encoded?

    Thank you very much,

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