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    May 22, 2009
    Hi all
    I've just had an ssl certificate installed on our server and am trying to plan where all the changes will be needed to make sure visitors use the https url. I imagine I'm not the first to be moving over to ssl on a live site so I thought I'd ask the following question here in case it helps others. My to-do list includes the following.

    At this stage I'm not planning on doing anything to the .htaccess file to force re-routing to https

    1) Update incoming links to amember (sign up and login links from external non-amember pages)
    2) Update IPN link on Paypal website plus similar on another payment plugin
    3) In 'Root Url and License Keys' settings, change 'Root Url' and 'Secure Root URL' to https url.
    4) In 'Login Page' settings change 'Redirect after login' and 'Redirect after logout' urls to https url
    5) Change urls in protected folders settings from http to https

    I was hoping someone could tell me if I've missed anything or doing something unnecessarily. Any guidance would be greatly appreciated.


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