I need installation and integration with Moodle

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  1. educanet

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    Oct 26, 2009

    We are searching for some one with good experience on Amember and Moodle integrations.

    Work to be done:

    Install amember script
    Install and configure 2checkout and paypal plugin
    Install and configure Moodle integration plugin
    Configure products. a) One access "all you can eat" to varius courses . We have 10 categories with 5 courses each, our bussines model is one access one payment to all courses (like a template club). We add every month 3 new courses.
    Configure different payment options for product a)
    1. 2 Weeks trial
    2. Monthly payment
    3. 3 Month payment - acces
    4. 6 Month payment - access
    5. 1 Year payment - access
    Customize css and HTML pages of amember to match our current web site. (suscription page, payment page, login page)

    You can bid on ELANCE
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    Aug 22, 2006

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