I need a system where the user only gets access to their directory.

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    May 2, 2008
    I've submitted a ticket for this, but I thought I'd post here and ask for user experiences.

    1. I've created a system where users can signup and have their own directory created.

    2. Within their directory, they can duplicate specific directories available for duplication.

    3. Within the duplicated directories: they can access the code.

    4. A user when they first sign up, can only duplicate X directories.

    We've setup aMember trial. The first thing we have to do is create a product. And we have to give a speicific directory that is protected.

    Problem: when users sign in, they should ONLY get access to their own directory ONLY.

    And: anyone else trying to access the admin code of their duplicated sirectories: should not be allowed to. (Apart from admin files, all other files can be accessed.)

    How can I do this in aMember?
    As far as I can see: if we have access to how the authentication fo the user login is done... then we can setup a simple redirect to a users own directory.
    How can we get this information?

    Question: when users signup, they will be able to duplicate X directories. If a user want to increase to Y, then they have to pay extra.

    How can we incorporate this increased rate for users?

    I'd really appreciate any feedback.
    And if someone has a system where users get their own directories: this would be great to see.



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