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    Amember indicates that they are unable to accept any new customization jobs.

    Anyone have enough knowledege and the experience with Amember to do the following job?

    Need a cost and time to essentially completely
    customize our Amember software that we currently use for our site? I
    understand this may probably be a large job but would appreciate a quote.

    We have been using Amember for litle over a year now. There has been quite a
    bit of modifications already done previously by myself and Amember staff on our version.(we need to upgrade too. we are currently using aMember

    The mods that are in place now consisit of numerous customized templates and various other files,etc. and is also currently set up for independant
    directories for each member after paypal payment and upon sign up so we can upload a specific document to each specific user.

    We sell Investigative reports. Example;
    somone wants to find a relative. They provide us information on the person
    they are trying to find. We provide them a report(text file or html) of the
    person they are trying to find including address history,etc. Each report is
    specific to each user and is why we currently have set up directories for each

    I would like to have you customize the software to accomplish the below-

    After successful paypal order(we currently have the site using paypal) is placed for item at our site would like
    customer to be immediatelly directed to their amember account without having to physcially signup or login to Amember.

    Would like the members account page -
    http://www.our domain.com/amember/member.php

    - To be customized so that some of the users information is passed over from
    paypal to their account page. Showing Thier name,e-mail address,product
    ordered (product ordered we want titled "search Request"),and amount of
    purchase. Also have customer be able to order additional products from drop
    down menu selection.(paypal payment system)

    - Have the customer be able to click on a link in their account to take them
    to their product(text file, or html file) which they ordered and be able to
    show the report which they order from us. Would like text or an image link
    telling customer when their report has been uploaded and ready to view on-line in their account. If their report is not ready yet,would like same to tell
    them it is not ready yet to view on-line.

    - Most importantly would like an automated system(e-mail) letting customer
    know when their report has been uploaded to their account without us having to manually e-mail each customer to let them know when thier report is ready to view on-line.

    - Would also like a "check on order" or "track order" search feature at main
    site so customer can track order when ready, or verify that their order is in
    our system to let them know its being proccessed. If thier order is ready
    would like link to login to their account.

    - Would like the reports they order to remain in their accounts until they choose to delete it. Would like them to have access to their account for as long as possible,perhaps several months. Or our global option of time. Also be able to keep the existing functions of adding or removing customers,etc.

    - Essentially this set-up would not be subsriptions. I would like to remove
    all referalls to the word "subscription" to the user so they will not get
    confused as what they ordered.

    - Would like to have the option of simply setting up global links in all users
    account to free areas(html pages) for their own reference.(we currently have
    that in place).

    - Would like to refer to each users directory as "account" rather that

    - Would like to get rid of Windows login boxes. Customer currently has 2 login
    boxes show before they can get to the report they ordered in their directory.

    - Would like to be able to customize the global look of users accounts to
    match our site.

    I understand this is probably a large job but would appreciate a quote and
    time period of completion.

    Thank you very much!

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