.htaccess and IE9 problem in template customization

Discussion in 'Templates customization' started by haraldjoergens, May 14, 2012.

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    A rather bizarre problem is keeping me busy since a few days:

    According to the manual, and various very helpful forum threads, I have configured a template, and it is working great, looks good, couldn't be better!

    Only there is one small problem: There is one browser where it goes wrong. IE9 - something within the CSS seems to fail, and he page width isn't seen, so the horizontal order of elements is very wong (for example, the menu should be 960 pixels wide, but is seen as wide as the window, however wide that is).

    The URL is http://www.haraldjoergens.com/amember/login/

    The bizarre bit is this:

    I open the URL above in IE9, and it is very wrong.

    Then I rename the .htaccess in the "amember" directory, so it can't be found. Re-loading the website, I get a 404 error message.

    Next, I make .htaccess visible again, and reload exactly the same page.

    And the problem has gone, and it looks great!

    Tried it on several tabs within the same IE9 window - every new tab looks "wrong" until I do the above steps, then it looks perfect!

    Any idea? Am I failing to see something obvious, or is there something tricky going on?

    Thanks for reading

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    Found the problem - it was an HTML comment before the <!DOCTYPE html>, and Interet Explorer doesn't seem to like that at all.

    Thanks to the aMember support for pointing me in the right direction - the W3C Markup Validator found the problem straight away.

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