How would I use amember with an unsupported CMS?

Discussion in 'Integration' started by theangelguy, Oct 30, 2014.

  1. theangelguy

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    Jul 15, 2009
    Hi, there,

    I'm originally a purchaser of amember to use in Drupal, or I was at least planning to.

    The complexity of Drupal has made me look at other options - namely Concrete5, which will do the job I need nicely.

    Which is ONLY for a "CMS" rather than a membership-based login user system that I need to integrate with amember.

    Since I'm not fully understanding how to use amember with just a static html site yet (though I do have a lot of experience with hand-coding), is it the same thing with an unsupported CMS that I'm only going to use to facilitate content entry?

    Meaning, I'm not going to have any "members" in my C5 database - so is it a problem to just insert the amember tags/script/wahtever where I would in a static page I wanted to protect - like in the template for a C5 page or something?

    I know it's quite different when there's users in the CMS, too - like the Drupal plug in throws the members in the Drupal database, too - but I'm wanting only to use CMS to facilitate content entry with no hand-coding, and amember for the membership stuff.

    Too complex?

    I know I can't use various "levels" of protected content...

    So maybe the owners of amember can eventually see to support C5?

    Thanks for any input,

    - Paul
  2. thehpmc

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    Aug 24, 2006
    Submit a ticket and ask them.

    There is also no reason why your chosen CMS cannot be placed in its own protected folder so that your members will need to log-in, or signup, in order to view its content.

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