How to automatically send email or responder to user when page loaded?

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  1. orish

    orish aMember Pro Customer

    Mar 15, 2011

    I need to keep track of my customers' progress in an online course; and when they reach a certain page, I'd like to send them further instructions and additional notes.

    How would I set up the page so that an email or newsletter gets sent to the user as soon as he/she gets to a certain page? Even a button (something like "for further instructions click here") will do. The user will be logged in at this point, so his/her name and email address is known by amember already.

    And a personal email gets sent to the user, plus a notification email to admin to let me know that he/she has reached a certain part of the course...

    Many thanks,
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  2. caesar

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    Oct 16, 2009
    Hello Gary,

    I am afraid aMember has not such feature by default but aMember is flexible enough and allow to
    add almost any new feature with plugins (without any changes in core files so it will be upgrade proof).
    I can implement plugin for you that will do the following stuff:

    1. add new menu in admin interface item - Progress Point
    you can add new Progress Point here with:
    * Title/Name
    * Redirect Url
    * Email Template to User
    * Email Template to Admin
    2. once you save your Progress Point you will see unique link
    and can put it as href for your button.
    3. if user click on this link then plugin send configured email templates to user and admin
    and redirect user to Redirect Url specified in current Progress Point
    4. also you will have additional tab in user profile in admin interface - Progress Points
    you will see list of Progress Points that current user already reached and date of it.
    5. also it is possible to add widget to user dashboard with his reached Progress Points

    I can implement this plugin for an affordable fee. Do you mind to contact us in helpdesk?
    I will give you a quote. You can refer to this ticket in your message so our support agents can have all context about necessary feature.

    Another option you can hire some freelancer and ask him to develop plugin according this requirements.

    Best Regards.
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  3. orish

    orish aMember Pro Customer

    Mar 15, 2011
    Ceasar and/or Andrey from the support team developed a fantastic little plugin that does exactly what I need. It was done quickly and didn't cost much. All my fussy little modifications and feature requests were implemented. Thank you.

    The plug-in does the following:

    - creates a Progress Point which can either be a redirect button or inserted into a page directly using an invisible image

    - when a user loads the page:
    1. a log is created each time the page is visited, showing the date and time visited
    2. an email is sent to the user the first time the page is visited (can be checked on or off)
    3. an email is sent to the admin the first time the page is visited (can be checked on or off)
    4. the same can be done with a different email message (2 + 3) for second and subsequent visits

    - the emails are very flexible, each email is unique and can be in text or HTML format, with variable data if required and also attachments

    This plugin has so many useful applications. I use it to keep track of a user's progress through course material. So, for instance, when they start I can send a welcome message (but can switch it off if they come back to the same page later). I can send a user specific information when he/she has reached a specific milestone, perhaps a supplementary file or link to a youtube video.

    Or when the end of the course has been reached, I can start to send follow-on sales material. It's a much more effective way of upselling products, rather than trying to sell bonuses right at the beginning after the customer has already forked out a considerable sum for your product.

    What's also useful is that I can look at individual customers and see if they are actually following the material... and send reminders or supplementary material (or product suggestions) if they're not accessing the course regularly, or haven't done so in a while.

    (At some point, it would be useful to have admin tools to search for users who haven't reached milestones when expected, and maybe send a notification email to him/her, and to me - the administrator - to find out why. I might commission these changes later.)

    No doubt this plugin will be available in the plugin store. Go buy it and be creative with it.

    The same plugin can be used to see if users are visiting other pages in your website, maybe browsing for other products or viewing a blog page or watching a youtube video. It's not as generic as google analytics, but it allows you to target signed up users very specifically and send them links or buttons to click that takes them to places you want them to go (and you can check if they're responding, and send them immediate feedback/reward if they do).

    Please let me know if you can think of other applications for this plugin.
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