How I installed aMember with Drupal and XenForo

Discussion in 'Installation' started by bkudrle, Jul 23, 2013.

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    Apr 11, 2013
    Just a little feedback on how I was able to successfully install aMember as part of a Drupal setup, along with using XenForo as my forum software.

    First of all, I installed Drupal in my domain root directory. Then I installed aMember in the <domainRoot>/sites directory, so that I had <domainRoot>/sites/member (I changed the name from aMember to member to make it less confusing to my users). Then I also installed XenForo in the sites directory, so that I had <domainRoot>/sites/xenforo/...

    My purpose in using aMember in this case is just to have a single sign-on for all of these packages, so as the instructions said I set the the signup for Drupal and XenForo to having only the admins be able to assign members. After aMember is set up properly, then it will handle creating new members for XenForo and Drupal from the aMember sign-up procedure.

    After this, I put the XenForo and Drupal files in the appropriate subdirectory of aMember. Note that the instructions are not exactly correct in this instance (they leave out the 'default' in the path). So I had the XenForo file in this path:
    where, again, the 'member' was changed from 'aMember'.
    For the Drupal add-in, I placed it in the following location.
    Then I followed the directions to place the plugin file for xenforo for the redirection and so forth.

    So now my users log in at the <domainRoot>/sites/member/login/index and that takes care of them also being logged into the Drupal and XenForo applications at the same time. The only issues I had was when as a test user I logged in and out repeatedly. Then it seems I would have to log out of both XenForo and aMember separately in order to be logged out of XenForo, for example. I am wondering if this may be a caching problem, which hopefully will not be a common scenario for most of my users. I will see when the site goes public.

    Just wanted to share in case it would help someone else.

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