How do you setup affiliate commissions for 2 products

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    Hi, I have two membership levels. One for $5 and one for $130. In edit commission rules under conditions I have first product for $7 called getting started. Second is $150. I want $7 members just to make $5 on $7 membership and only $5 on $150 membership. But the $150 membership I want them to make $130 on full membership, and only $5 for the $7 membership.

    My question is if I did it right in Conditions. For $7 getting started I added by product and only added Getting started product. Did the same thing with the $150 full membership. $5 commissions for getting started members is set up, and commissions for $130 is setup for the full membership. Is this all I have to do or in conditions am I suppose to add both products?

    I was afraid if I added both products to getting started then I was afraid $7 members would be making $130 from each $7 sale, which wouldn't be good lol.

    so I believe for $7 to members to get $5 from even the expensive membership then I need to put both in conditions? or would that make me have to give them $130 commission?

    Thank for any help.

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