How can I install aMember in order to make it testable on a LAN?

Discussion in 'Installation' started by tonix, Dec 16, 2014.

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    May 6, 2014
    Hi everyone, I am new to aMember,

    I am developing a website locally and have purchased an aMember Pro license the last summer.

    My problem is that I am developing a web application that needs to be 'visible' locally in my LAN.
    What I mean is: the application I am developing has a login form. As the application is integrated with aMember, all the login logic is handled by aMember (redirects, user credentials control, etc.).
    All of this is done when I am on the localhost machine, and works beautifully.
    Now, I need to test the application on my tablet, I can't access it via localhost, but I can actually access the web server with http://192.198... which is the local IP of my server, but I get an aMember error:

    Script Error
    License error - license domain does not match your domain (192.168...!=local,dev,localhost,
    at http://192.168.../path/to/webapp/amember/login/index?amember_redirect_url=http://localhost/path/to/webapp/
    ref from
    If you are the site administrator, click this link to fix

    Is there a way to make a aMember recognise this local IP in order permit other devices of a LAN to access the web application based on aMember? How can I do that? And if it is not possible, is there anyway a way to access the application on the LAN?

    Thank you for the attention!
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