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Discussion in 'Testimonials' started by braz, Jul 29, 2003.

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    My name is Tim , I am the moderator for a large toy company ArtAsylum.com. I setup Amember the free script and thought it was really cool.. Then I needed a few more features and emailed Alex... he has always been very prompt to reply to my emails and very friendly...

    I decided to buy the script and asked him about 30 questions.. I also requested the free install with the purchase of the script... Alex is the best (period). He promises on this site that he will have the install in 24 hours and was true to his word...

    i HIGHLY recommend Alex and his scripts.... I have over 400 paid members and about 50 a day signing up...Alex can testify to that, he had to rescue the dbase...

    The point.. If you are looking for a script that Alex has "BUY IT"... he is true to his word.... I will be buying another amember script from him this week once I get the site up...

    Many Many Thanks to you Alex..... You RAWK.............. Tim www.artasylum.com

    P.S. I might need that other link sent to me Alex.... the very last email you sent... thanks again..



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