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    Aug 8, 2015

    i would appreciate some help...

    I use Serif WebPlus X8 mostly but can programme a little bit.

    I have a folder, onlinecourses... below this are the courses folders which are protected content.

    on the onlinecourses page are links to each of the courses, I've also put buttons to "login" and/or "purchase" which currently show okay in lightboxes using existing amember scripts.

    Question One:
    assuming no login already, clicking the course link opens up the standard amember login box, but full screen. Once logged in, assuming validity, it goes to the course page.

    if logged in, clicking the link goes to the pages for the selected item, OR (i have set the redirect page in amember) to go to a custom ACCESS DENIED.

    the amember login redirect does not redirect to my custom "thanks for logging in page" but shows the membership details.

    the amember logout redirect works but because the original button is in a frame, the custom page appears in the frame whereas it should be top.

    1) how do i make the login page to open in lightbox (or even my own page)?
    2) why doesn't the login redirect work?
    3) can you set the destination logout redirect to "_parent"?
    4) Is there a way to know if the person is logged in or not, and go to a page dependent upon the answer...?

    Question Two:
    I have standard mp4 videos as part of the course, in the protected folder. Using SERIF "video" player I can embed them in the webpage, however they wont work... i type the URL to find them and the response is it cannot find the file (assuming it is because its protected folder). There is no way to enter a pass word.

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