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    Hi Alex and Co.

    I purchased amember pro as soon as I saw what it could do. I sat on it for about 2 months or so while I sorted out my server issues. Once that was done I sent Alex an email regarding how I could set up certain fee schedules for my customers. So as usual he gave a prompt response and I followed his instructions.

    The following day I uploaded my products to my server. Used a new plug in that was added to amember. From then I sat down the following evening and sent an email to my list. That one email made me $269. That was the most money I made from one email with zero follow up.

    That one email made my money back from the initial investment and gave me the inspiration required to continue towards a consistent path of marketing my web site. Speaking of follow up did you know that with amember you do not need an autoresponder system? It's truly amazing. You can have people sign up and market to them for months sending gentle reminders all from simple text files. (Your server must have Cron.)

    I mean WOW! Usually in marketing you have to pay for ad copy or print advertising. The digital world through amember pro however is much more simple, completely environment friendly (paperless business) and efficient. This software comes with my highest recommendation. As with all things it takes work. The technical support is there and Alex will help you.

    I have however seen some posts to this forum which clearly are from people who do not want to work. I think that if they could get somebody else to run their business they would, but they should also take note that when somebody runs your company you have no company of your own, like in the movie Boomerang where Eddie Murphy's character sleeps with what he believes to be the boss, so he can rise higher in the company but guess what? She wasn't REALLY the boss she was just the 'face' of a product owning nothing.

    That said, I look forward to more satisfied customers on my end as truly amember has taken the weight of managing and maintaining my directories, products and customers off my shoulders helping me to deliver secure content to an ever growing appreciative audience.

    Haidon Carter (The Video Guru)

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