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Discussion in 'Testimonials' started by toasterhead1, Dec 31, 2004.

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    Ok so I know that title is kind of lame (to say the least), but aMember has been a miracle for me. I use it in conjuntion with Mambo ( to sell people membership to my site to access Mambo content, and it works great. If you want to see it in action, my site is, if you go to the purchase access button on top you will see where aMember comes in.

    The thing I wish to emphasis most to potention customers is the awesome customer service that is provided. My web hosting company had some weird setting where aMember didn't work quite right... definatly not cgi-central's fault, my hosting's fault instead. However cgi-central still offered to change 2 files for me whenever they update aMember so that it will work properly on my site. Well I got tired of my webhosting for a number of reasons and changed servers. aMember moved between servers flawlessly.

    The software also has a lot of options so that nearly anything is possible. Just for an exmaple, I also sell access to my website on eBay. The coupon feature allows me to make a batch of coupons in one click that allow my product to be free. So when someone makes a purchase off eBay I simply email them the coupon code, they use it and get access the the website flawlessly.

    Since installng aMember 8 months ago I've proccessed roughly $8000 in payments through paypal, and 2checkout and have yet to experience any troubles.
    I would highly reccomend aMember to ANYONE... couldn't be happier :) :)

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