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Discussion in 'Testimonials' started by abubin, Dec 24, 2003.

  1. abubin

    abubin Guest

    i am now testing the demo version of amember. I see great potential on this product and it's usage on my site. But the documentation online is totally for the registered version only. But I can't really do anything with the demo version which is "free".

    In the doc, there are a lot of references to the config section but I can't find it in the admin page. To be sure, I installed amember twice yet I still can't find the config section and it wasn't mentioned in the doc that the free version does not have this config section. I am pretty much stuck without being able to do anything with this script.

    I have posted my question on this forum but till now i get no reply yet.

    Most of the raves that i have been reading about this product is only for the paid version. Even the rating in hotscripts should go down as the demo version is totally useless.
  2. pilot

    pilot New Member

    May 24, 2003
    Seems your having problems with the forum too with triple posting!

    I suggest you have a good read of

    And re read the specs of the pro version and the ' free version ' If you install this properly, I don't think you can tag this as useless.

    The Free version is a taste of how well written this software is, fully functional and does'nt cost a dime, and you complain?

    Perhaps no-one replied to your post because no-one really understood what you mean as no config section in Admin? If you have read the instructions, then of course you are not going to have all the functions of the paid version!!

    Perhaps support will put paying customers as a priority rather to guests having problems free installers that brand the software as useless?
  3. abubin

    abubin Guest

    i did read the comparison between free and paid version. It wasn't stated there nor in the documentation as well. So, what can I do? I tried what the documentation teach of creating products and so on but was always stuck in a screen that does not exist in the demo version. Do I blame the doc for not describing it properly?

    This is in the doc :

    To open the Global Configuration screen:
    1. Open the aMember Admin Control Panel
    2. From the left menu, click Setup/Configuration
    3. aMember Pro Configuration : Global screen opens

    But where is "Setup/Configuration" screen? I don't see it in the admin control panel.

    That seems to be a very basic option but it's not given in the demo version. How can't i customize the settings of amember then? Through the config file?
  4. alex-adm

    alex-adm Guest

    Yes, you have to edit config files for free version.
    It is really a problem that we don't have seperate recent manual for free version, but we are going to create it soon.

    If you would order aMember Pro, you'd see that there are no problems nor with the script, nor with the manual.
  5. braz

    braz Guest

    I have been using Amember Pro, the paid version for almost a year now and have not had one problem from the script.. My hosting co took a mod off that caused problems and Alex was on it uber fast..

    My advice would be buy the paid version.. you cannot beat the support from Alex.. He is on it just shortly after you post the ticket.. The script as well as the supprt ROCKS...

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