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    Oct 16, 2012
    I am interested in buying Amember Pro but I would like to know for sure if the following setup and features are possible with the software:
    We are planning on starting a membership website offering webinars to our clients including live video streaming and question and answer "chatbox".
    - Does Amember Pro include live video streaming options or can you recommend any third party software that works with amember?
    - Is it possible to make our content available at specific times for each timezone? For example: I would like to make my content available at 8 am for each timezone so my customers in europe receive the content at 8 am and my customers in New york USA receive the content 5 hours later also at 8 am.
    - We want to store information of our customers, I know its possible to add custom fields in the members profile but is it also possible to add fields that only administrators can see (to add comments/notes per customer that are hidden for our customers)
    -Is it possible to track downloads, can we see what each member downloads?
    -Is it possible to get notified when a customer doesnt download new content after a certain amount of time? (to track inactive customers)
    -Is it possible to manually accredit hidden content or files to each individual member?
    Thanks in advance for your support!

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