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  1. rgueron

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    Feb 9, 2013
    Hello Amember team

    I am here because i build a website using wordpress for a client with special needs.

    He sell services (coaching online) and need a special area for each of his customer. In this area you can put questionnary for specific user, documents or videos. On the same wordpress i need to have a plugin who can sell products and services (so with tax ship for products) and manage each client.

    The process is: the client visit the website, go to buy a service (for 3 months for example) and register during the checkout process and have a automatic area create for him when he finish the payment.

    Sorry i am french hope you understand my explanations ;-)

    So i buy the unique plugin who did this, call wp-client. I add jigoshop plugin for selling the service but i am not a dev and it's hard for me to make it work easely.

    at the same time i think now that the adminstrative wordpress becomee quite confuse with all this plugin to manage at the same time for a non tech (as my client is).

    So i can be interessting in an all in one solution like amember but did it do the same job?


    - payment process
    - automatic creation of an individual private area for a customer.
    - after login a unique hub for the client with easy understanding structure to send emails to admin, send and receive documents etc..

    Thanks you for reading me

  2. alexander

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    Jan 8, 2003
    This could be done with personal content plugin it allows to upload separate content for each user.
    however this part may require several customizations:

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