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Discussion in 'Testimonials' started by slinky, Jan 8, 2011.

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    Jul 15, 2010
    I decided to look further into amember since some places were using it successfully. Was difficult to get testimonials. Many installations looked awkward. Some items not listed. I hesitated.

    I decided that if it was called "CGI Central" it could explain a lot of things. These are long time programmers from back in the days of CGI. It could work pretty well but programmers usually don't care much about presentation. I found out that was true. You can dress up amember as you wish and it's actually quite easy. Most are just lazy and don't make the effort to make it look sharp.

    Second, some things didn't work and there is some disorganization with things you might buy - the vBulletin 4 plugin is still labeled as vBulletin 3 (although that is also because there is no need to change as it works for both versions.) But support always answers and they fix the problems. I haven't had a problem that really took an extended period of time which they neglected. The plugins that I bought that were not compatible were fixed. While I had to ask for some of the updates, they worked on them and delivered relatively quickly.

    Third, the back end is a little convoluted and needs some reorganization. That can easily scare many off those who aren't technical. But the bottom line is that the integration works and there isn't another product I know that does what amember does. Nothing is perfect but if you spend a little time setting things up and learning some of the awkwardness, the payoff is you have what you normally would get anywhere else. They have made some updates and promise to continue to have the product evolve.

    Honestly, I'm shocked that all my moving parts still work after a month. It's a lot to ask for. I'm going to test the entire system going forward and re-evaluate but I have to say that it seems to be working very well from a manner of synchronizing accounts. Thanks to the guys and look forward to adding to this testimonial.

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