Does aMember log me in to 3rd party, or only create user in DB?

Discussion in 'Pre-Sales Questions' started by keymaster, Sep 17, 2006.

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    Sep 17, 2006

    A few pre-sales questions:

    1. Does aMember also log me in to the third party app, or only create a user record in the 3rd party app database?

    2. Is there a common session between the 3rd party apps, so if we log into one, we are automatically logged into the others, and if we log out of one, we are automatically logged out of the others?

    3. Can aMember work with several 3rd party apps all together in one site at the same time?

    4. Are you still selling the Kayako plugin? (I didn't see it in the checkbox list of plugins available in my profile when I logged in)? Can it be used together with other 3rd party apps on the same site with a single login?

    5. Can we use aMember to sell products, not just subscriptions? (eg. I want to sell a service contract to someone for $100 flat fee. Can I do this with aMember)?

    6. Is there an API in aMember for a programmer to integrate other pieces of information into the aMember profile? (eg. my posts on VBulletin with my oscommerce purchases on the same screen as my aMember profile. Is there an API in aMember which will allow me to display all this info on the aMember profile page (I am a programmer))?

    7. Do you think it is possible to use aMember as a way to bridge a number of different 3rd party apps together, charge for accessing them, and also sell one time flat fee products, and display all the user information (payments, products, posts, etc. in one place on the aMember profile)?

    8. I have a systems development firm which develops web apps for our clients. Is the aMember source code is available for us to change. Or is there is a suitable aMember API for us to work with in our development? (Is there any API description we can look at?)

    Thanks (we are considering using this product in a site for a client. If it works out, we may purchase this product several times for similiar sites we build)

    Thanks (sorry for all the questions).

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