DB Rebuild Question for Moodle Integration

Discussion in 'Integration' started by jprescott68, Jun 6, 2014.

  1. jprescott68

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    Feb 25, 2014
    aMember version 4.3.6
    Moodle version 2.6

    I have existing users on our moodle lms which I have just imported into the aMember area, then I performed a DB Rebuild for all 3 areas - core, invoices and moodle. (it might help if I understood exactly what functions each of these 3 rebuilds do, I can not find any documents explaining anywhere so sorry for my ignorance)

    Afterwards all of my existing users enrollments disappeared. These enrollments were set up prior to installing aMember therefore they are not subscription enrollments. As a result I have had to completely rebuild my moodle database back to before I did the import. I still have all of my users listing in moodle and amember but I have not done ANY rebuild from within amember since I rebuilt my moodle database.

    I am really wary about importing and adding users in the future and I would like to know exactly what went wrong - user error, bug? And, how do I go about adding users in the future.

    Future scenarios for our site are...we will have 2 types of user:
    1. a subscription user who purchases a course for 30days via an affiliate site
    2 a licenced user who's company will have bought in bulk for their employees to access a course. I would normally perform a bulk upload and enrolment from within moodle

    I am really wary about adding user type 2 as I dont want to be in the position of rebuilding my database again (I gained a few extra grey hairs last night!!)

    Please advise, your continued help is much appreciated.


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