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    I'm new to aMember 5.1, but know version 3 very well and modified it heavily. The new database is different, but I'm getting up to speed on it. I'm trying to import data from another system and I wanted to make sure I got it right:

    invoices can have many invoice_items
    invoices can have many invoice_payments
    Is this so the user can make multiple payments on one invoice? Are the invoice payments supposed to match up with invoice items - that doesn't seem right to me.

    We have credit card data but want to use CIM. Is there a way to load the CIM up with existing CC's so when the renewal hits it uses the cc on file with

    Some of our subscriptions do not renew, but many do. What are the absolutely must-have correct fields on the invoices to make sure the cron job picks them up for renewal on the right date?

    Thanks in advance
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    Oct 16, 2009

    1. Yes, you are correct. Invoice table represent user billing terms. In event of billing terms is free then you will not have any payment associate with it. In event of billing terms is recurring then you will have as many payment associated with single invoice as number of occurred rebills.

    2. You need to put it to table am_cc. This data should be encoded with your installation specific key.
    Please refer to application/cc/library/CcRecord.php for details regarding encryption.
    On next rebill attempt CIM covert your CC info to payment profile and use it for future rebills.

    3. You invoice should have status=2 - recurring active, have rebill_date in future, have some second_total and
    rebill_times should be more then already payment occurred for this invoice - value 99999 means re bill this invoice until cancel. Also you need to set paysys_id to id of you payment plugin. Cron job should be enabled.

    Best Regards.

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