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    Nov 29, 2013
    Hi there,

    I just purchased Amember and I am really excited about what I have seen so far. Wordpress integration was a little rough as there isn't really direct instructions, or the instructions are now outdated, with the new version of Amember that is being offered.

    My question is on the profile or signup page. I am setting up a site that offers a membership for a animal service through their owner. I want to create a registration page (signup) for the owner and profile pages for the animals. The membership options would include one or more animals being registered for the service. Each animal to have their own (profile) page in the main profile or sub-profiles. I also would only like to ask the pertinent questions based on what kind of animal... such as "dog" based questions or "cat" based questions.

    I figured that I would be able to set up the field permissions to be editable based on membership. Does the "quantity" option give the ability to add more "memberships" or should I set up a different membership based on the number of animals? Would I "categorize" the memberships into "dog" and "cat" with different membership based on number of dogs or cats. What if they have both one dog and one cat, would that be another membership option?

    I am trying to understand the best way to work with the program, to achieve my goal. Any help would be very appreciated.

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